Kuchipudi Dancer


Praised for her transporting grace and abhinaya (expression) Akhila is lauded as a shining artist in the firmament of young Kuchipudi Indian classical dancers.  Whether you are an organizer, fellow artist, or student, get to know Akhila and her art here.


About Kuchipudi

A Classical Indian Dance

Originating in a beautiful village near the Krishna river in India; Kuchipudi has its roots in an originally all male dance drama tradition.  This tradition grew from a desire to elevate society through the dramatization of mythological stories that held spiritual lessons.  Observing various communities as they traveled, these artists added to their repertoire stories of social injustice which caught the attention of local leaders and led to change.  Today Kuchipudi has evolved to also include an expansive solo performance tradition that is performed by male and female dancers across the globe.  The language of Kuchipudi is comprised of hand gestures, intricate feet movements, and expressions based in the Natya Sastra (the ancient Indian text of dramaturgy).   Kuchipudi's lilting grace, quick silver movements, and its dramatic expanse are a manifestation of the mystic wisdom that it embodies.  For the performer and the audience alike this dance is a vehicle to the eternal as much as an aesthetic feast for the senses.